Ditch Him

Ditch Him

Ditch Him

Having a blog affords me the opportunity to share little nuggets of humor that otherwise would never bring smiles to our lips. Here’s one such perfect little story, which I share in narrative form.

Date and time: Sunday, 7:55am

Location: Front of condo building in Kenmore

Scott stands about, waiting for his ride. Enter Lisa, carrying small, brightly-colored purse.

Scott: “Hey, what’re you doing out here now?”

Lisa: “Going to church, waiting for my ride.”

S: “Me too.” Small talk, until Scott notices the phrase displayed on the purse.

S: Curious, pointing at the purse “What does your purse say?”

L: “Ditch Him—pretty funny, huh?”

S: “Totally. Fits well with the He’s Just Not That Into You mentality, right?”

L: Laughing “Yep, but get this. I was in the bathroom at church one week and the old ladies there saw it and were like ‘What? What?! Ditch Him? Him? Oh my gosh, that woman is advocating to ditch GOD!’ Yup, they thought I was the devil”

S: Confused “What? Why’d they think that?”

L: Pointing to the ‘Him’ “Look again. See the capital H. Him. Like Jesus, get it?”

S: “Wow… ha ha ha, that is hilarious! The curly writing obscured it for me. What’d you do then?”

L: “Hissed like a snake and ran out of the bathroom, then laughed my butt off.”

S: “Well played, very well played indeed.”

I swear that’s all true… except maybe the last two lines. Actually, she just pointed out it was a novelty-phrase purse and left it at that. But my ending is funnier.

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