Raymond James Welcomes Head of PCG Advisor Inclusion

A conversation with Renée Baker

Renee Baker

Under Renée’s supervision, Raymond James has consolidated corporate leadership of our Advisor Inclusion Networks. The Women Financial Advisors Network, Pride Financial Advisors Network and Black Financial Advisors Network all receive corporate support and leadership from her.

Renée joined Raymond James in 2017, taking responsibility for driving, leading and executing the global marketing strategy for Carillon Tower Advisers’ seven brands while leading a team of 40 marketing professionals. Prior to that, she worked at Aberdeen Standard Investments. Renée’s extensive financial services experience also includes senior-level marketing roles at leading Wall Street firms. She’s a board member for Community Action Stops Abuse, a trustee for American Stage and an adjunct instructor at the University of South Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Science in finance from Rutgers University, an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University and a doctorate in business administration from Wilmington University.

Q: Why are diversity and inclusion important to Raymond James?

Through our diversity and inclusion efforts, our goal is to nurture an environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected and valued. Our collective efforts support all audiences of our business, including associates, advisors and clients – and are a natural extension of our culture.

Q: Why should these efforts be important to advisors and the institutions they work in?

Demographics in our country are changing, and clients’ needs are as diverse as our population. When we are intentional about understanding the cultural norms and the needs of those we serve, we’re able to deliver more deliberate client-first service.

Q: The first Women’s Symposium was held in 1994, so the push for diversity and inclusion isn’t entirely new at Raymond James. How have our efforts evolved over the past few years?

It’s remarkable that we’ve been celebrating the Women’s Symposium for 26 years. In the past few years, the firm has broadened its focus on diversity and inclusion from both a corporate and business perspective, working on training programs to cultivate a more diverse talent pool, continuing a longtime record as a top performer on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, and answering calls for social justice with a pledge to the Black community.

We’ve also evolved our associate and advisor inclusion networks, including the addition of the Pride Financial Advisors Network in 2020 and executive sponsors to support all three of our networks.

Q: What opportunities do you see for our financial institution partners to attract women to their investment programs?

There are several opportunities. First, build awareness by sharing more information about the profession and providing clarity on what this career entails, including the flexibility and entrepreneurship it offers. Second, introduce them to career opportunities they may not realize they have. It’s also helpful to share the successes and realities of other women in the industry. How can you be it if you can’t see it, right? Visibility is key.