A testament to the values at our core

2023 year in review

Our enduring, evolving strength is a testament to the values at our core:

We put clients first.

We act with integrity.

We value independence.

We think long term.

Our values are the essential, immovable core of Raymond James. In an unpredictable world, these principles help ensure we’re a predictable force. The kind of firm that, instead of shaking foundations, shapes them. Instead of disrupting, develops. Out of every major market crisis since our founding in 1962, Raymond James has emerged stronger – better prepared, better tested and better equipped to pursue bold, new opportunities, intelligently.

It is precisely by being the kind of steady, stable firm we have always been at our core that we are consistently able to become even more.

Paul Reilly headshot

“A significant contributor to our long-term success has been our commitment to the values that have defined Raymond James for more than 60 years – client first, integrity, independence and thinking long-term. They continue to be the heart of our business – guiding our decision-making in both positive and adverse conditions.” - Paul Reilly, Chair and CEO

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