Finding strength from within featuring Cindy Boury

cindy boury

Cindy Boury learned early in her career that while challenges can come from anywhere, the strength and resilience needed to overcome them start from within. Developing a strong sense of self. Building confidence. Working hard for what you want and fighting hard for what you believe in. These are the core lessons Cindy has learned in her decades of experience.

Those lessons are especially important for an advisor as she navigates a business fraught with challenges, including retaining and acquiring clients, navigating compliance issues, operating an office, and managing staff, to name a few. But having the right outlook on challenges has made Cindy resilient in her personal and professional life. “When things get difficult, I look at it as a challenge…Sometimes challenges are what we need to deal with to develop to a high level.”

Cindy developed her no-holds-barred approach to challenges and fostered resilience through conscientious training and continuing education courses. She constantly sought to improve her knowledge and skill-set to better confront on-the-job challenges. “The only person who stopped me from growing was myself,” she says candidly. “It’s you who has to develop” better processes and habits in order to effect change and be resilient.

The only person who stopped me from growing was myself.

Her advice to others seeking to build resilience is to “stay true to yourself, know your moral integrity, know your goals, and stay focused.” These principles have guided Cindy throughout her life, and are the cornerstone of her success—along with hard work, of course. Success, in Cindy’s eyes, also depends on believing in oneself and dedicating the hours necessary to always learn more about the business. “I pretended the glass ceiling didn’t exist,” Cindy remarks, certain in the belief that her success sprouted from confidence.

Cindy isn’t complacent about her achievements, though. Indeed, she insists that enduring success requires accountability and responsibility for everything one does. “The buck stops here,” she says earnestly.

Many new women advisors striving for lasting success might feel timid about hunting for business and staking a claim in the market. Cindy’s advice? “Don’t be afraid to ask for the business!” she urges. She recounts numerous times in which she received referrals simply by sharing her business card with people already happily engaged with a financial advisor.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the business!

Cindy’s support of women is evidenced by her team, which comprises eight talented women. But employing an all-woman team isn’t enough for Cindy. Indeed, she is passionate about engaging more women in administration roles to join the ranks of financial advisors, noting this is an especially useful succession planning strategy. “It’s a natural movement to have our administration step in for us as we get ready to retire. What a great way to step away from your practice when you know it’s being managed by people your clients like…To me it’s a great way to segue [into] retirement.”

Cindy’s not about to stop working, though. She remains focused as ever on her own professional development and on evolving her practice over the next year to meet the needs of her increasingly diverse client base. “I’m going to evolve and develop my profile,” she says with determination, knowing full well that she’ll be perfectly equipped to face the challenges along that journey.

Q+A with Cindy

What is your name?
“Cindy Boury.”

What is your hometown?
“Abbotsford, British Canada.”

How long have you been in the financial services industry?
“Since 1998.”

What’s your theme song?
“‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen.”

What or who inspires you?
“My family.”

What are two charities close to your heart?

  • The Royal Canadian Legion ̶ the Abbotsford Branch #15 ̶ and their Yearly Poppy Campaign, in respect for the work and commitment they have given our community.”

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