Get to know Chang Shin, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of Scout Investments

Read about Chang’s career path and his philosophy of compliance as both an art and a science.

About Chang

Chang Shin is the chief compliance officer for Scout Investments, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Investment Management, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc. With its fixed income division, Reams Asset Management, Scout Investments represents over $30 billion in assets under management. He studied finance at the University of Missouri and has lived and worked in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, for most of his career. Chang and his wife have three children, and two Hungarian vizslas. He prides himself on his commitment to his family, his community and the firm.

Tell us about your career path and how it led you to Raymond James.

My first job in financial services, after a short stint with a local credit union, was with a global investment management firm, where I stayed for 12 years. During my first eight years there, I learned the service side of the business, working with high-net-worth clients. I then spent time learning the more technical side of the business as a portfolio research analyst. It was at this firm that I took my first role in compliance, where I could use my understanding of the business and the strong relationships I had built to help support the compliance team.

In 2007, I went to work for a registered investment adviser as a compliance field supervisor. This experience not only helped me to learn the dimensions of investment advisory compliance, but also played an important role in my continued interpersonal development. I learned the value in focusing on relationships and people. I discovered that compliance is both a science and an art. The science part of compliance is applying the rules and regulations and the art of compliance is understanding the nuances of business risk and cultivating strong relationships to affect meaningful change within an organization.

Tell us about your current role and what you like most about it.

I joined Scout Investments as the chief compliance officer in 2018, just after Carillon Tower Advisers acquired Scout in late 2017. I am very proud of our team. We are involved in many different aspects of compliance, including regulatory compliance, client reporting, examinations, and investment guideline monitoring. We wear many hats in supporting the organization and maintain strong relationships. The team has a reputation for being a trusted resource for the business and I enjoy the opportunities we have to collaborate.

What has proven helpful to you in your career?

Having a wide array of business and industry exposure has helped me understand where risks exist, how to communicate them, and how to work with the business to help reduce them. It is critical to understand the business you support and how it functions. Being respected by related operational units enables you to strike a balance between the business needs and mitigating risk exposure.

What are some things you enjoy doing?

Like many parents, my wife and I have enjoyed watching our kids learn and grow over the years and supporting them in their various activities. Sports have been a big part of our lives; watching our children learn, develop and apply the life lessons gained from sports has truly been a blessing. Another of our favorite things to do as a family is to visit Colorado, where we enjoy taking in the outdoors.

What values or principles have guided your career?

Treat others the way that you would want to be treated and do the right thing for our business partners and clients.