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Intern Spotlight - Marketing

Marketing supports the firm’s advertising, communications and marketing strategy. It has its own in-house agency composed of account managers and creative services professionals.

Hannah Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

What has been your favorite project that you have worked on? 

In my first week, I analyzed 22 competitors’ digital advertising and found 10 websites that Raymond James could utilize for more targeted digital advertising. The strategy team listened to my suggestions, and now the company advertises on those sites. This project augmented my excitement about the internship and expanded my view of how data insights could directly correlate to marketing growth. In addition, I collaborated with my peer mentor to map the journey that financial advisors typically take when switching to Raymond James from another financial services firm and found systematic errors that affected over two-thirds of the data.

Tell me how you have witnessed the workplace culture firsthand.

The culture is a factor of the internship that has really stuck with me. The balance of corporate resources and prestige with the entrepreneurial agency feel resonates with me, and has shaped the way I will look at future employment opportunities. My co-workers and superiors are eager to get to know me and my interests and encourage me to reach out for advice.


Karina Rao, University of South Florida 

What has been the most exciting aspect of this internship development program?

The most exciting aspect of this internship development program is that each and every day I get to go to work on something different and learn something new. The plethora of projects I’ve been given from almost every field in marketing has allowed me to find out what I like/dislike and find my own personal passion. Additionally, everyone in my department has been extremely friendly and they take the time to talk to me and help me discover my own path. I know that my work is contributing to the success of the department and the firm itself, but I think I’ve really gained the most by being able to dabble in so many disciplines within marketing and find out what, I think, I want to do with my life. 

After exploring the different fields in marketing, which one do you see yourself pursuing? Why?

I definitely see myself pursuing either the corporate communications or account management track. I think both of them play into my skills of communication (both oral and written), organization, relationship-building, and time-management. My dream job in this company would be to work on the Community Relations team and promote things like Raymond James Cares Month and give back to the community. One of my projects has been to act as an account manager with our charitable sponsorship requests – I process the sponsorship request and reach out to the organization to see if they need any marketing materials for their event. I love client interaction and fulfilling the needs of others.

Zach Diamandis, Harvard University

What have you been working on lately? 

My recent work has been writing SQL queries to organize and present data for department requests. For example, for my latest project I grouped data by age ranges to provide the percent of Raymond James assets and accounts in each generation (e.g., millennial, Gen Z, etc.). I have also been coding the data portion of our regression project, which focuses on interest rates for margin loans.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to beginning the model-building phase of our regression project. This involves creating several competing models, selectively feeding them training data and then assessing their strength on new data. It’s an interesting project to work on, as selecting the best model requires thinking from both a statistical and financial point of view.