Advisor Practice Management

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PCG Education & Practice Management focuses on providing you with the best available tools and resources to help manage your practice effectively and accelerate business growth – all while ensuring you have the flexibility and support to grow your business on your terms.

Practice management core beliefs

We know this industry is fast-paced and acknowledge you are pressed for time. You want the best of what’s working now from many different sources, but ideally from your peers – top advisors and teams. Knowing this, we aim to facilitate a reciprocal best practice sharing environment where intellectual capital capture occurs on a current and perpetual basis.

Practice Intelligence

Our Practice Intelligence content, programs, events and resources cover all facets of running a practice. Practice Intelligence has been recognized for thought leadership driven by top advisors, partners firms and other industry experts so that you have continuous access to what is working now in the industry. Whether you choose to learn at your own pace or prefer the motivation and guidance from coaches and your peers, we have resources for you.

Practice Management Model

The Practice Intelligence model “zones” include:

  • Market & Connect: Establish your brand, ideal client and track your growth
  • Plan & Invest: Better understand your clients and their needs to implement a tailored strategy
  • Review & Delight: Produce a client experience that creates client advocates
  • Refine Your Practice: Apply a critical eye to your practice and team to continuously improve

* award winners in 2016 for the Practice Intelligence Website & Tools and our Practice Intelligence High Impact Toolkits.

Experienced advisor consulting & coaching

Our proprietary coaching and consulting offerings help you and your team identify key areas of opportunity within your business, creating the accountability to keep you on track and help make you the best advisor you can be. Our offerings include individual consultations, group coaching programs and workshops, personalized team coaching, and exclusive opportunities in partnership with the Advisor Inclusion Networks, wherein the professional development resources are as diverse as the advisors we serve.

Branch education

Branch associates are vital to the success of the advisor’s practice – that’s why we have a team dedicated to their education and professional development. Our Branch Associate Development team offers a robust onboarding solution for new branch associates, designed to equip teams for success each time a new associate is onboarded. As branch associates become more experienced, we offer a host of programs and resources that provide ongoing support and development opportunities throughout their career in order to support the growth of your practice.

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