Professional Partners Program®

Tap into a tremendous new source of business and revenue

Over the past several years, you may have noticed a distinct change in your business and in the needs and demands of your clients. Individuals are looking for more comprehensive professional services to meet all of their personal and financial needs. Because both of our industries are extremely client-driven, it has become imperative to provide a coordinated financial team that works toward the same goal for the client, a secure financial future.

Are you acting in the best interests of your client?

As you search for ways to remain competitive within your profession, you may want to consider the opportunities and resources of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. By teaming up with one of our qualified financial advisors, you will find that you are able to provide more comprehensive services and choices to your clients than your competitors. You may also find that you have more free time, increased revenues, and an expanded client base. By developing a formalized referral relationship, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make sure that your clients are getting the products and services they deserve. What better way to increase the level of service that your clients have grown to expect?

At Raymond James Financial Services, we understand the importance of maintaining a trusting client relationship. Don’t compromise that relationship which you have worked so hard to build. You owe it to yourself and your clients to consider forming a strategic alliance with an experienced Raymond James financial advisor. Through a compensation sharing arrangement with one of our financial professionals, you may be able to increase your income without additional workload, expand your practice into the financial services industry, and provide your clients a much needed integration of their professional advisors.

In an increasingly competitive environment, you may be facing many challenges

Competition From Your Peers:
Many of your professional peers are now working to develop practices that offer a full integration of personal and financial services to their clients. When a client sees that they can have all of their needs met by a constantly communicating team of professionals, they will be more inclined to retain those services rather than seek separate, individual advisors. This is becoming a competitive edge that cannot be ignored.

Competition From Other Industries:
With the advent and constant promotion of “one-stop shopping” services, the once distinct lines that separated many professional industries have all but been erased. Companies are emerging that can provide a wealth of professional advice to clients with a substantial discount. Take advantage of providing our resources through your practice.

As these trends continue to reshape your profession, you may decide to seek additional revenue sources. That is why Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. created the Professional Partners Program®.

Our Professional Partners Program® enables you to form a strategic alliance with an RJFS financial advisor. This relationship makes it possible for both “Professional Partner” and financial advisor to be on the same page when it comes to acting in the best interests of the client.

Within the program, you may become an Investment Advisor Representative, whereby you would refer clients to RJFS for financial services on a fee basis. You would then be compensated based on the advisory fees generated from the account. There may even be the possibility of you becoming a full-time financial advisor of ours, if that is within your future goals. In any scenario, you maintain your status as an independent professional and continue to provide your professional services to your clients.

We bring to the relationship investment experience, research, and the strength and support of our New York Stock Exchange-listed parent company, Raymond James Financial, Inc. You provide your industry expertise, professionalism, and clients who need and desire consolidated financial services. Together, we can serve all of our clients better with an expanded array of value-added services.

Whatever type of relationship you are looking for, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. has the flexibility and the resources to accommodate your needs

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Please consult your local advisor for current state requirements.

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