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AMP and RAMP Q&A: Megan Miller, Financial Advisor

Q: What was your background prior to joining Raymond James? 

A: Prior to joining Raymond James in April of 2008 I worked in the legal field as a court stenographer and I was also a full-time student. When I started with Raymond James, I was hired on as the Director of First Impressions.  Eager to learn everything about the business, I sat for my Series 7 and quickly moved up the ranks. 

Q: Why did you decide to join the Advisor Mastery Program (AMP)? And how did the Registered Associate Mentoring Program (RAMP) prepare you for that?

A: It didn’t take long for me to realize there was a lack of women in the industry. After working as a licensed assistant for over 10 years, I decided I could fill that void I was seeing. I’ve sat in on countless meetings, I’ve been the shoulder to cry on when clients experienced a big life event, I’ve been the confidant for spouses who didn’t see eye to eye on their retirement goals, etc. I had just been all those things in a different capacity. I finally felt that I was ready to take the next step, but I didn’t quite know what that looked like so I joined RAMP. RAMP gave me the tools I needed to know I was making the right career move. The curriculum really helped me solidify my decision to move on to AMP. The assignments helped me to start thinking like a financial advisor, and the coaching calls helped me find my confidence that I needed to become a stand-alone advisor. 

Q: What would you tell others considering a career as a financial advisor?

A: When I think of being a financial advisor, I don’t think of investment products; I think of helping people and making a difference in their lives. Every day brings a new challenge and even better rewards. For so many years I was unsure if I should take that leap to become a financial advisor, and my only regret now is that I did not do it sooner. 

About the Advisor Mastery Program

Through distance learning, apprenticeship and sessions at the firm’s international headquarters, AMP offers a comprehensive education for the next generation of Raymond James financial advisors.

The program takes a holistic approach, incorporating training for technical and sales skills to fully position new advisors for success. A generous compensation is provided initially to help ease participants out of a set salary while they build their client base. In addition, AMP is designed to support long-term development, whether a candidate plans to be a stand-alone advisor or join an existing team. For more information about the Advisor Mastery Program, click here.

About the Registered Associate Mentoring Program

The Registered Associate Mentoring Program helps a selected group of registered associates navigate the career shift to financial advisor. Sponsored by the Network for Women Advisors and facilitated by the PCG Education & Practice Management team, the one-year curriculum is narrowly focused for those who are seriously considering a transition into the role of financial advisor.