Bond Portfolio Evaluation and Reporting

Fixed Income Portfolio Analysis

To promote a more proactive and professional approach to fixed income investing, Raymond James provides our financial advisors with investment tools, such as Fixed Income Portfolio Analysis (FIPA), to assist in the decision-making process. Utilizing our comprehensive FIPA reports, Raymond James financial advisors can:

  • Monitor portfolios’ progress towards investors’ goals.
  • Assess portfolios’ profiles.
  • Analyze position details including cost basis, market value and unrealized gain/loss information.
  • Provide maturity and cash flow schedules.
  • Determine risk exposure, including interest rate risk and duration, credit risk and reinvestment risk.

This on-demand, highly customized solution combines your personal relationship with your financial advisor and the targeted expertise of our bond professionals with the tools they need to help you build and monitor assets including:

  • Annual income projection and monthly breakdown
  • Maturity schedule for every bond, as well as average maturity, and duration,
  • Portfolio duration profile chart
  • Risk and coupon rate analysis
  • Model portfolios
  • Simulated impact of varying interest rate environments
  • Assessment of hypothetical changes to your holdings
  • Anticipated call features
  • And much more

Account type and minimum restrictions may apply. For additional information or a sample report, please contact your Raymond James financial advisor or use the convenient Office Locator to find our office(s) nearest you.

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