Financial Institutions Division FAQ

We’re here to answer your questions

As you explore potential partners for your investment program, we know you’ll have questions. From your own research and due diligence, we know that you will develop some questions about an affiliation with Raymond James. To help you in your decision-making process, it is our goal to be honest and transparent with you. That’s why we have posted some of the most commonly asked questions – and their answers – below.

Q: What does the term “independence” mean at Raymond James?

A: Raymond James supports many affiliation options for advisors and institutions. Raymond James does promote independence in all channels, meaning we do not push products on our affiliated advisors or institutions.

Q: As an investment banking firm, do you have the resources to support a retail division?

A: A full 65% of the firm’s revenue comes from retail brokerage clients. We have a strong capital markets group that enables our client institutions and their advisors to provide sophisticated support to all types of clients.

Q: As a public company, aren’t you more concerned about shareholder value?

A: Raymond James is undeniably focused on what is best for the client. Yes, we have been profitable for the last 25-plus years. But we do not push products that are profitable for the firm, trusting our affiliated institutions and their advisors to make the best decisions for their clients.

Q: Aren’t you only interested in branding Raymond James?

A: We have a full-service, in-house agency to help strengthen or build your institution’s investment program brand. We fully support you to brand your institution independently, using as much – or as little – of the Raymond James name as you would like. From websites to newsletters to collateral to client statements, client accounts and client reporting – you can use your own logo and brand to make our resources and services your own.

Q: Won’t Raymond James Bank or Raymond James Trust compete with our institution?

A: Raymond James Bank and Raymond James Trust were created to support advisors in providing services to their clients on an as-needed basis. We are a firm that owns a bank – not a bank with an investment program. The bank and the trust are available to support the needs of your high-net-worth clients if you need the resources, but these areas will never compete with your institution.

Q:We’ve heard you haircut annuities. Is this true?

A: Raymond James does not “haircut” any product, including annuities. Our annuity platform does provide for some of the lowest expenses in the industry. This means better returns for your investment clients.