Raymond James Charitable

Making philanthropy more thoughtful – and easy

When thinking through our financial goals, philanthropy often arises as a vital component of the legacy we’ll leave behind. Rather than simply writing a check, including charitable giving in your tax strategy and financial plan is a way for you to increase the efficiency and impact of your generosity. Raymond James Charitable is here to help make it easier for you to give wisely.

Raymond James Charitable is a 501(c)(3) public charity that was the brain child of Raymond James chairman and former CEO Tom James. A generous man himself, Tom wanted to create a way for the firm to give in a strategic, efficient way.

Raymond James Charitable’s most popular giving solution is a donor advised fund (DAF), which is like a charitable checking account. You can deposit funds today and receive an immediate tax deduction for your gift. Then Raymond James Charitable will hold and invest the funds until you distribute them to your favorite charities, affording you the potential to give even more than you deposit. Raymond James Charitable also offers an array of other solutions including charitable gift annuities (CGAs), pooled income funds (PIFs) and charity advised accounts (CAAs).

To learn more about Raymond James Charitable, talk to your financial advisor or visit raymondjamescharitable.org.