eFolio®: Raymond James’ Online Institutional Portfolio Management System

Quick and easy to use

Point and click to select the analytics that answer your questions at the level you want to see. Print only what you need.

Features include:

  • “Virtual” trades and strategies for pre-purchase and decision-making analysis.
  • Online interaction and immediate results means more time building strategy with your financial advisor and less time gathering analytics.
  • Everything in one place: analytics, accounting and reporting, research and links to relevant information. 

View portfolio/sector aggregates, individual securities or custom groupings

Select and/or sort from up to 200 fields of analytical and specific data on each security, including yields to maturity (worst call, first call, most likely call, taxable equivalent), yields at projected or historical speeds, call/step schedules, variable rate data and more.

View analytics in 20 environments

Multiple environments are an integral part of eFolio® analytics. In addition to the current, base case curve, choose from 20 environments and display any seven at a time side by side.

Simulate buys and/or sells

The eSwap function creates a copy of your portfolio for exploring purchases and/or sells. See how the risk and return profile of your portfolio changes before making a decision.

Other features

  • Access to Raymond James’ proprietary research
  • Access to Raymond James’ inventory
  • Searching/matching
  • Strategic investment plan
  • Call analysis
  • Third party security pricing
  • Single bond analyzer
  • ARM analyzer including GASB yields
  • Custom reports


The eFolio® help line 877-EFOLIO1 (877.336.5461) will connect you directly to eFolio® administrators, developers and security analysts. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and assist you with eFolio®


eFolio® is the first truly interactive proprietary online portfolio management system for institutions, giving you constant access to your portfolio and Raymond James’ inventory and research. Interact with your portfolio online, run what-if scenarios, shock your portfolio using interest rate assumptions and more.